Corporate Policy Update, Chicago, IL

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PBC Global was asked to coordinate and complete a corporate-wide initiative to update the current policies and procedures (Finance Manual) in place at a $2 billion company with 4 divisions across 25 domestic and international locations; the headquarters were based in Chicago, Illinois.

Corporate Policy Update Requested By: Corporate Controller


Procedures included:

  • Reading and understanding the current policy and procedures in place
  • Assessing the current state of the procedures in compliance with current policies by completing internal audit testing procedures


  • A detailed report communicating recommendations for where the strengthening/reinforcement ofthe policy was enough to align procedures with current policy
  • A detailed spreadsheet illustrating where updates to the policy were necessary including recommended changes and wording for the new policy based on PBC Global experience and best practices
  • A meeting with Corporate Management to discuss the findings, recommendations and to ensure the understanding of our findings and recommendations

Location: Chicago, IL - 60611

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