Risk Assessment - Recent Acquisition, Lugoff, SC

Risk Assessment - Recent Acquisition, Lugoff, SC.jpg

PBC Global was asked to complete a high-level risk assessment of the control environment of a recently acquired manufacturing plant in Lugoff, South Carolina.

Risk Assessment Requested By: Director of Finance


A one day review to determine areas of risk including:

  • A meeting with the Plant Manager, Materials Manager, Human Resources Manager, Plant Controller, and the Engineering Manager to understand each person's background and years of service, role within the company, areas of concern related to their area, and level of communication with division headquarters


  • A detailed report noting location background, ERP systems in place and financial statistics used to determine the areas of focus for detailed audit procedures to be completed within the next year
  • A summary report provided to the Audit Committee to keep them apprised of the review completed and risks associated with the new location

Location: Lugoff, SC - 29078

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