Monthly Financial Analysis and Write-Up, Cleveland, Ohio

Monthly Financial Analysis and Write-Up, Cleveland, Ohio.jpg

PBC Global was asked to establish a report that would show key financial information and analyze the trial balance fluctuations of this Cleveland, Ohio company on a monthly basis.

Financial Analysis Requested By: Chief Financial Officer


  • A spreadsheet was designed to analyze the trial balance comparing the current month to the previous month and also to plan
  • Thresholds were established to indicate what would require further analysis and explanation
  • A report was designed to include analysis of several key financial ratios as well as explanations of specific fluctuations to previous month and/ore plan


  • A detailed report analyzing the financial information with written explanations was completed and distributed to the Directors of the company each month

A monthly meeting was held with the CEO, CFO and Corporate Controller to discuss the key financial information and fluctuation analysis 

Location: Cleveland, Ohio - 44114

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