Continuous Auditing and Data Analytics, Canton, Ohio

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As part of an outsourced internal audit team, PBC Global was asked to assist a large, multi-national privately-held company in the implementation of Continuous Auditing procedures using data analytics.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Project Requested By: Director of Internal Audit


Procedures included:

  • Gaining an understanding of the goals of implementing Continuous Auditing
  • Choosing the most viable accounts and processes to test
  • Assessing the best approach and testing procedures (developing parameters for each account/process)
  • Working with Information Technology (IT) individuals to understand what data was available and the best way to ascertain that data in a usable format
  • Discussing approach with company management to ensure their understanding and accuracy of data and testing parameters
  • Sample testing to ensure achievement of stated goals
  • On-going, periodic testing of each account/process to ensure proper controls were in place, investigation of anomalies and irregularities


  • A list of data sets and testing parameters by process including IT individual who provided assistance in retrieving data
  • Tests including process owner name, control being tested, purpose, expected results, follow-up procedures
  • Results of each test, testing date, procedures completed, conclusion and action required (if any)
  • Schedule of completion dates for testing procedures

Overall conclusion, lessons learned, updates and improvements 

Location: Canton, Ohio - 44707

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