Twitter for the Internal Auditor

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Twitter is “without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now." But with that comes caution.

According to the Twitter website, Twitter is “without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now.” For the most part, I tend to agree with that.  

It is an incredibly simple way to understand what is going on with people, concepts, trends or subjects in real time as they are happening or transpiring.  

And while it may have started out as a mostly social way to ‘follow’ your friends, relatives and other people of interest, it has also become a very relevant way to follow business trends, industry leaders, breaking news and companies.

Why would an Internal Auditor use Twitter?

As an internal auditor, I do my best to stay on top of the breaking news, industry trends and everything else I find relevant to internal auditing.  I read Internal Auditor magazine, follow relevant blogs written on various subjects ranging from Continuous Control Monitoring to IFRS to Fraud.  I seek out training that can broaden my skill set and increase my effectiveness on audits and read articles about best practices in the industry to understand what the future of auditing holds.  I use different methods to obtain the relevant information, but one of the best ways to obtain this information, determine its relevancy quickly and digest it is to use Twitter.

Who and/or what to follow on Twitter?

  • Industry Leaders – The Internal Audit industry has several established and respected leaders who are happy to share their thoughts, relevant blogs, articles and news related to the industry.  A few examples include:
Name Twitter Account Bio/Reasons to Follow
Norman Marks @normanmarks Considered by some a thought leader. These are my personal not SAP statements.  Excellent source of industry articles, focus on GRC, blogger (and contributor to IIA magazine) and frequent commenter to other notable blogs.
Tim Leech @leechgrc Tim Leech, CIA, FCA, CFE, co-founder and Managing Director Leech & Co GRC Inc. is recognized globally as a thought leader in risk and assurance management.  Excellent source of industry articles/publications, contributor to IIA magazine, blogger.
Peter Millar @pbmillar I’m Director, Technology Application at ACL Services Ltd. and I have a keen interest in the use of technology in Audit.  Champion of technology use in internal audit, excellent source of articles related to technology, global experience.
  • Institutions and Publications – Specific magazines, other publications and institutions and associations also have Twitter accounts worth following.  A few examples include:
Name Twitter Account Bio
The Institute of Internal Auditors @theiia The IIA is the internal audit profession’s global voice, recognized authority, acknowledged leader, chief advocate, and principal educator.
Accounting Web @accountingweb Accounting WEB provides accounting news, information, tips, tools, resources and insight–everything you need to help you prosper and enjoy accounting.
Ohio Society of CPAs @oscpa The Ohio Society of CPAs represents the interests of its members, and supports members in fulfilling their responsibility to serve the public interest.
Compliance Week @complianceweek Compliance Week is an information service on corporate compliance and risk. Twitterer-in-chief is editor Matt Kelly.
  • Friends – Certainly you know people who are using Twitter.  Your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. can be a great place to start learning what Twitter is all about
  • Other – The Company you work for may have a Twitter account (becoming increasingly popular) as well as the local newspaper, companies headquartered in your area and community relevant issues.  Additionally, as you become familiar and comfortable with using Twitter, you may want to follow sports teams, coaches, celebrities, politicians, bands or musicians, and even stores where you like to shop.  The possibilities are endless and you can spend as much time (or as little) on Twitter as you would like.

How to get involved and use Twitter?

You can simply sign up for a free Twitter account at their website.  Once you join, search out a few accounts to follow and just listen (read the tweets other people are sharing).  See what the people you are following are saying and start to understand how it can be useful to use as an auditor.  Develop your own plan on how to use it.  It can be incredibly useful and beneficial to understanding the industry, key players, trends, available training courses and seminars.  I think you will be surprised at how useful it will be.