We understand how to control it and how to assist your company in establishing an efficient and effectively operating control environment.  

Our consultants strive to provide complete evaluation and assessment of each client's overall risk and offer process structure and controls to effectively control and mitigate that risk.

We provide a complete range of solutions including:

  • Project Assistance - additional staff on major projects or specific project expertise
  • Co-Sourcing - integrated working environment in which we enhance and add value to an already existing department or environment
  • Outsourcing - complete full-service coverage of an internal audit function reporting to the Audit Committee maintaining objectivity and independence

Professionals with extensive experience, expertise, and skills are here to provide services in the following areas:

  • Internal Audit Consulting & Compliance
    • Financial Audits (Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Goodwill, Accounts Payable, Debt)
    • Operational Audits (Flowcharting, Process Improvement)
    • IT Audits (Risk Assessments, General Controls, Access Controls)
    • Compliance Audits (Sarbanes Oxley, SOC Readiness)

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